20–24 July 2015, Pescara, Italy

How to prepare and submit a paper

Preparing a paper

Papers must be formatted in the two-column ISIPTA format. While the final maximal length is 10 pages, the initial submission is required to be 9 pages; the extra page is to be used to take into account reviewer feedback in the revised version of the paper.

You are encouraged to keep contributions as self-contained as possible, including proofs. Therefore, we allow proofs and the bibliography to be set in a 9pt font (\small in LaTeX), if necessary.

The recommended and simplest way to produce a paper in the ISIPTA format is to write it in LaTeX and use the isipta2015.sty style file. The example document isipta2015.tex can be used as a template. The resulting formatted paper isipta2015.pdf contains the formatting guidelines.

Although discouraged because of the usually inferior output, papers not created using LaTeX are allowed as long as they follow the provided formatting guidelines. The file isipta2015.docx is a similar example document, but now in the MS Word ‘docx’ format.

Some formatting suggestions

In case you have trouble fitting the content of your submission within the page limit, you can try using a Times font if you are not already doing so. It is more compact and also allowed according to the ISIPTA style. The typical package setup for this is


Do not apply this blindly; check the output!

Another suggestion: If you use pdflatex, adding \usepackage{microtype} may improve line breaking.

(These suggestions are provided as-is; i.e., do not contact us about them.)

Submitting a paper

Paper submission (and review) is handled using EasyChair:

You will have to login with an EasyChair account. If you do not yet have an EasyChair account, you must first create one. An EasyChair account you created for another conference will work for ISIPTA ’15 as well.

Once you are logged to the ISIPTA ’15 EasyChair pages, you can select ‘New Submission’ in the top menu bar. Then, choose ‘Paper Track’ and click ‘Continue’ to continue to the paper submission form. To submit your contribution, fill in this form and click ‘Submit’.

All information entered in this form can be updated and amended until the final pre-review paper deadline (cf. Important Dates). (The requirement to provide a preliminary version of your paper at the abstract deadline has been dropped.)

All submitted papers will be reviewed and the Program Committee will evaluate them based on their originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition. Based on these evaluations and the available presentation slots, the Program Committee Board will make the final decision about which papers are accepted.

Embedded fonts in a PDF file

When generating the PDF file for submission, please check that all fonts are embedded. (To check, look at the ‘document properties’ ‘font’ tab in your PDF viewer.) If not all fonts are embedded, the file may display or print incorrectly for others.

Some information about how to embed fonts in a PDF file:

Sometimes, the non-embedded fonts are used in included figures.

Non-proceedings papers

In case you wish to submit your paper as a non-proceedings paper, please check the corresponding box of the submission form. As for all papers upon submission: The paper must not be submitted, published (or accepted for publication) elsewhere. The paper will undergo the usual strict refereering process.

The PC Board will contact you for further details in case your contribution is accepted. You will still have to submit a paper in the two-column ISIPTA format, but only a one-page abstract provided by you will be published in the proceedings.

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